In a country wracked by brutal civil war where male children as young as ten are being recruited by the militia gangs, where the same kids are forced by stealth to shoot their mother, father & siblings dead, where young girls are routinely being raped, made slaves or killed as well, where supreme anarchy and lawlessness constantly casts a dark shadow over everyday existance, it would be fair to ask what hope would the NORTHERN WHITE RHINO ever have of surviving in the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO, assuming 3 or 4 of the most critically endangered animal on earth miracuously remain in the wild within GARAMBA NATIONAL PARK in the north-east of that country.

This was the last place on earth where this rhino sub-species was known to inhabit in the wild. It’s highly likely they are now extinct, except for the seven single solitary animals still alive in captivity around the world, four of which reportedly are capable of breeding and are being held in ‘partial captivity’ in Kenya, the other three animals reportedly are living out there post-fertility days at the San Diego Zoo.

The intro to this blog is a cynical observation on my part of the current civil war in Congo and an attempt to highlight that if the general human population in Congo overwhelmingly has such little regard for human life then why would the military dictatorship which is destroying and ransacking the country care about a few Northern White rhinos facing extinction or already extinct ones.

No goon in Congo obviously never got on their walky talky to their poacher mates and told the thugs to stop killing these highly endangered animals for the sake of fetching their horns and getting a hard on from eating them in powdered form. It might not be quite like that but it’s another tiger penis soup supertitious bullshit remedy thing, eat the horns of a rhino to get an erection like a teenager again.

Just crazy stuff, what sort of heartless individual could kill a whito rhino, Sumantran tiger or elephant for the sake of ivory or making soup out of their genitals? As far as attempts go to breed the Northern White Rhino in captivity, the only success ever was at the DVUR KRALOVE zoo in the Czech Republic, the last time being in the year 2000. I cant ascertain the specific number of offspring at Dvur Kralove given the ambiguity of the information available.

Other attempts to breed the Northern White Rhino in captivity in various other zoos, including at the San Diego zoo, have reportedly been unsuccessful. In 2009, the four Northern White Rhino’s remaining at Dvur Kralove were transferred to a specialised conservancy in Kenya, where to the best of my knowledge they remain alive three years later. Hope is fast fading for this rhino species if it hasn’t faded already.

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