>One of the most darkest chapters in the history of modern Australia
has been conveniently covered up by the Catholic Church for over
40 years, if it was not for a few good samaritans who sought long
awaited justice for all the young children who were raped and mo-
lested as real life characters in this evil and twisted tragedy then
chances are the whole sordid saga never would have been ex-
posed. We are talking about the dreaded Bindoon Boys Town
in Western Australia from around the late 40`s right up until
1970, that`s right, only just over 40 years ago. I just had to
write an article about this horrible place after reading the
article in the Sun Herald newspaper on June 12th, titled `I
Can Still Hear The Kids Scream`. An interview with a Bin-
doon survivor John Hennessey by journo Susan Chenery
forms the basis of it, what Mr. Hennessey indicated what
all went down at Bindoon Boys Town when he was a pris-
oner there as a kid, with hundreds of other abused boys,
is the stuff out of a horror movie. Mr. Hennessey was just
one of many child victims of a sadistic human trade which
was established on the pretence of giving young orphans in
post war Britain a new life in Australia, and all this went on
under the nose of various governments, numerous layers
of bureaucracy and the Catholic Church heirachy. Bindoon
Boys Town was run by the notoriously clandestine Christian
Brothers in the Catholic Church, as Mr. Hennessey stated in
the article obviously from first hand experience the Christian
Brothers was nothing more than a big paedophile ring in dis-
guise, many children were regularly beaten, raped, molested,
starved and worked into the ground as slaves, helping in the
construction of the buildings that become Bindoon. He went
on to describe how the master matriarch of evil at Bindoon,
Brother Francis Keaney, would deliberately parade in front
of all the children eating bacon and eggs while they were
fed el cheapo cereal mixed with animal grade bran. When
Hennessey and a group of the other boys raided the vine-
yard of the son of Satan himself one night, he was beaten
the next day with the bare hands & walking stick of Keaney.

To top off the shocking brutality of this bastard, he kicked Mr.
Hennessey out the door fair and square in the head which
has left with him with a stutter to this very day. Keaney was
just the ring leader of the Christian Brothers, how many other
homosexual sadists brutalised innocent little children in this
compound alone, let alone all the other ones run by the Catho-
lic Church as well as Barnardo`s, The Salvation Army, The Fair-
bridge Society and the Anglican Church as well? How on earth
did the police and the more conservative traditional identities
within the actual Catholic Church itself not know or not act
on what would have had to have been at least suspected as
going on at Bindoon Boys Town, you cannot tell me that va-
rious politicians at both state and federal level at the time
wouldn`t have got wind of what was going on there too.

The boys of Bindoon were treated like animals and the fact
that it took until the 1980`s for the Christian Brothers to be
exposed for what they really were suggests that the syste-
matic abuse of the thousands of foreign orphaned children
who got sent to Australia in the 20th century was deliberate-
ly covered up by so many two faces who were either Catho-
lic clergymen, bureaucrats or politicians in some very high
places. The article goes on further to outline Mr. Hennes-
sey`s search for his long lost identity, which he only did
reclaim at the age of 62 after finally discovering and being
re-united with his mother May Mary Kelly and it also high-
lights the inspiring efforts of a Nottingham social worker,
Margaret Humphreys, and her resolve to seek justice for
both the children and mothers who become the victims of
the 20th century orphan trade between Australia and Bri-
tain. What happened at Bindoon Boys Town was really
nasty and completely shattered the lives of young boys
who mostly never recovered mentally to be able to get
married to a woman or interact with others socially
like most of us are able to do. The amount of bi-po-
lar, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and all man-
ner of other mental disorders which the boys of Bin-
doon were left with after the compound was finally
shut is uncalculable. The evil bastards who raped
boys in there almost assuredly caused permanent
physical injury to the genitalia and anuses of their
unconsensual underage victims. Remembering
that such atrocities have occured in many other
institutions across Australia and the world, and
the Catholic Church has been the worst offender
of them all covering up the actions of many peo-
ple who should have be locked up and castrated
for their past actions. Let the legacy of Bindoon
Boys Town and John Hennessey be the wake
up call to the various churches, child protection
agencies and all levels of government that there
will always be paedophiles out there and every-
thing must always be done to protect children
from suffering a similiar injustice in the future.


  1. >This kind of abuse still happens in the present day. Unfortunately its not confined to the Catholic Church, many so called 'community leaders' are just as guilty. But in a judicial system where the victim is often treated as the perpetrator, no wonder many are reluctant to speak out.
    Our Gov needs to take some responsibilty for the lack of monitoring any institution which caters for children – especially when Gov funding is granted.
    Just recently a group of men, some prominent figures in the community, were arrested for child ponography. Some children where as young as 4 years! Kudos to the cops who caught them but what about the thousands who haven't been caught yet?
    Its time to name and shame these people as well as convict them or GPS them. A labotonomy would be too kind for these monsters – religious or not. Perhaps its time to have them gelded and put them out to pasture.
    As a parent I am livid about the easy and soft penalties handed out to sex offenders.

  2. >Yes Tim,
    when we congratulate ourselves as being "the best country in the world" we must be shutting out of our minds the horrible torture of children that was carried on in our midst. I have heard it said that an estimated 500,000 kids were sent to these hellholes, and not only foreign kids, Australian born boys and girls whose parents died in accidents often ended up in these places.

    This is something that the "black armband" types rarely refer to. The black armband types are eager to gather every scrap of evidence they can find about mistreatment of Aborigines but they rarely say anything about this torture of children.

    It is the most politically correct thing that a progressive can do – accuse someone, living or dead, of racism. It began when the civil rights workers went to the The South in the USA in the sixties, to help the American blacks gain the freedoms to which they were entitled. That was seen as the most heroic battle of the century, much more heroic than fighting the truly racist Nazis. This spirit that took form in the sixties still lives. Here in Australia it takes the form of directing tirades of abuse as the previous governments for mistreating Aborigines.

    Strangely, not so many of today's young anti-racists go to remote Aboriginal communities in Australia to assist the people there to acquire the living habits that will lift them out of their unutterable squalor. But that is a different story.

    • The Bible refers in Revelations 17:5 to the Roman Catholic church : ” THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” This vile organisation masquerades as a Church, but it is truly a dangerous criminal network.

  3. >There are still Basdtards still perpertrating these actions today and they are in high inflential positions. Well protected by our so called civilised community. Our politicians and bearucrats are a F>>>>>>> dusgrace and our clergy are not much better!!!. They will have their day in hell soon.

  4. >I just saw the movie in which this place and the lost children of the empire is depicted and was appalled ,the movie is sunshine and oranges.

  5. >The movie is brilliant, if anything uplifting that someone , actually persevered to find the truth !!!! Amazing, go see it ,

  6. >I sort of support Warwick's comment that we tend to focus on 'the stolen generation' of aboriginal peoples but tend to ignore what happened at this aweful place. I say 'sort of' as I dont really like his tone. But why do we not have a sorry day for this group of people? perhaps the catholic Church might like to take this up? No….silly me. Of course they would not

  7. >I have just returned home (5 minutes ago)from seeing the movie Sunshine and Oranges and feel overwhelmed with a compulsion to 'do something', however, I'm not sure what to do. I am also adopted but brought up by loving adopted parents ….. I do think 'there but for the grace of God god go I'. How anyone, let alone those working as so called Christians could treat children in this matter is beyond my comprehension, where is the 'do unto others as you would like done unto you?'.

  8. >AND THE WORST….Bindoon the actual building is now a agricultural school! should it not be a historical site? a place of memorial not a EEFIN SCHOOL! how sick do these christian mofos wana get!!?? its all covered up and liz I am really willing to get this place recognised and something done about this….ABORIGINALS were not the only mistreated ones…and whats worse is this happened not even that long ago! all covered up by church ..abit like everything else!! the church is soooo good at covering up and everyone is too scared to confront and unveil the churchs true identity..nothing but evil basterds!!!! liz if u ever wana get started on something…im in!!!! im 20yrs old and not once in my whole school life did we ever get taught about this!!!! i saw oranges and sunshine tonight and was so disgusted that i never got taught all this at school!

  9. >Just saw the movie oranges and Sunshine and like Liz feel a need to do something. Maybe the Aborinals are trying to tell us some thing as well. Thank god for Margaret Humphries who had a heart for these people. I am a migrant to this county and only have good memories. I am so sorry these children didn't.

  10. >I too spent time under these animals at Castledare and Clontarf from 1963 to 1970.

    More needs to be said about the protection afforded these monsters by an insidious organisation called the Knights of the Southern Cross to which a large number of Police and public officials belonged at the time.

  11. >I too have seen this fantastic movie, and i recommend it to everyone to see.

    I do not believe that people should be comparing the "Forgotten Childrens" to the "Stolen Generations".

    One similar fact is that the Government removed these children from their parents, extended family members, country, communities without any permission so they can be treated as slaves!!

    Also what alot of people forget it the inter-generational effects and trauma. This is children who were abused in every way and not shown what love is…..it's not something you automatically get when you meet someone or when you have children. Also the labelling of people….people see someone in the street who is intoxicated and straight away they are labelled as an alcoholic….does anyone ever think that maybe this person has had so much trauma that they see alcohol as a way to cope, to depress the memories of abuse.

    The TRUE HISTORY of Australia should not be hidden and should be told to educate the old, the now and the younger generations!

  12. >I found all your comments very interesting and beneficial. Hope not one of you forget that the 'Officials' that were all involved and supported these Migration Policies 'and whom had the Childrens best interest at heart at the time' were part of this 'Legalised Pedophilia System with it's various Pedophilia Rings'. The day that the Labour Government said 'Sorry for Australia's past Actions in regards to the Stolen Generation's of Aboriginal Children' a Prominent Member of the Liberal Party totally disagreed with the Labour Government's Decision to 'Apologise', it was brought out that he had 'beaten a Aborigian Person in his Families Care!' and he neither felt the need to be remorseful for his Actions. Any Movie about the habitual Sexual and Physical Abuse and Cover Up of a System and Officials that Support it, whether it be Migration Policy or otherwise 'is a damn good thing and totally necessary'. Oranges and Sunshine is another Pounding on the Religious Institutions Doors, keeping the screams and cries of innocent little childrens loud and clear for us to still hear. These Grown Children are still Victims and while they cry loud enough others are able to come forward, 'the more, the better.'

  13. >I am a former child migrant and spent time at Clontarf and experienced at first hand the awfulness of life under the Christian Brothers and abuse in all its manifestations. I would point out to your readers that blame for this ongoing tragedy also lies at the feet of Federal and state governments who were partners in the child migration scheme and who also failed the children.This week on August 6th is the 58th anniversary of my arrival at Clontarf. I was raped within a few weeks of my arriva. The memory of those years remains vivdly imprinted on my psyche. The abuse went on for more than ten years. A Federal government apology was OK but where is my lost childhood and why no compensation? Gage

  14. >How absolutely correct..a glorified paedofile ring. Yes the bastards are still perpetrating today where they can. Is really normal for a bunch of repressed socially inept men to live together. The catholic church seem to be the leaders in this organisation of cunning dangerous human beings. Well the priest from our catholic school at Burleigh heads…surely you teachers and Principal knew it just wasn't right that he lay his hands on our little knees for too long during confession and you fucking let him you assholes. Ohh and while we are on the reconciliation sacrament between a paedofile and a vulnerable 8 year old child… thats confession held in the convent that housed the closet lesbian nuns who were also child bashers. And what of Woodlawn Lismore and the evil Brothers there..is anyone going to investigate that? My brother and I are still waiting. Ask around the 39 year old plus men who went there as children..they will tell you stories..The thing is there is still teachers there who know the history…why don't say anything. All of these memories are not memories but eternal emotional torture!!!

  15. >I watched the movie of oranges and sunshine,I am a Maori from nz. This story is so hard to stop yourself from doing something anything to make you all feel better in someway,but I saw the movie an googled the bindoon place and wow it's still there shit why hasn't it been shut down sad sad sad taputapu is what we call a place where bad shit happened an you should not go there in respect of the victims of the past an present, and I'm sorry and please don't stop loving the rest of the world.Perth

  16. >I'm just come from watching the movie "Oranges & Sunshine. I'm utterly disgusted,appalled and feeling somewhat shattered at what happened at Bindoon Boys Home. That place should not be standing there. Governments,police or anyone with any power of Authority will be hiding from who they really are. The majority of Judges in a court system are all paedophiles. That's why nothing gets done about convicting a paedophile in the court system. I know first hand that this is the case. I've had contact with some of these men who were at Bindoon Boys Home. It's horrific to see how they grew up to manhood, not be able to cope with life at all. They've had no compensation to help them overcome their trauma. Our governments aren't what you think they are. They are evil beyond your wildest imagination. David Icke is coming to Perth on the 17th September 2011. Unfortunately all tickets are sold out. Sit in his seminar for 6 hours and find out the real truth of our governments, or corporate entities.
    I've always said, " The only people who create problems in our world are Politicians".
    Please go to his website and buy some of his books and read them. " The Biggest Secret" is a must read to help open up societies consciousness.

  17. >As a survivor of another place similar to Bindoon, I would ask you all to view the movie "Oranges and Sunshine," now released on DVD in Australia. I would then request that you harness whatever emotions that this narrative sparks to ensure that such horror never occurs again. Remember, "bad things can only happen when good people do nothing." As a collective "we," the truth is that all to often we allow our custodial places to be hidden from view, and or public scrutiny. All to often revenge is the motivation not justice.

  18. >Why don't the people of Victoria start asking questions about the "Caulfield Club." If you really want to open a can of worms find out about it. This is one of the upper classes of Victoria best kept secrets. Perverted pricks.

  19. >Thank you to the people for sharing their painful stories on here as everyone needs to be made aware of the injustices that occurred & acknowledgement of terrible treatment that you had to endure. I just finished watching the film Sunshine & Oranges & CANNOT believe that I never heard about this discusting long history of abuse that went on. I feel angry & deceived that the government, churches, authorities & countless numbers of others have kept this hidden from us. PLEASE speak up again & again for those that have suffered & are still suffering as you did no wrong & the world needs to know what happened. My lesson that I take from this is that if we as individuals see or hear something & choose not to follow up & act, we can easily establish that we took part in this crime as well! I'm sure there are loads of guilty ridden minds out there that still sit quietly without the guts to make a stand.

  20. >I have just finished watching Oranges and Sunshine and I'm absolutely appalled and outraged that any human being could subject a fellow human being, especially young innocent, children to this torture. I'ts an absolute disgrace. I, like many of you, feel the need to do something. This should not be shut away as it has been for many years, everyone should know about what has happened. Why protect these bastards? I am so angry right now.

  21. >I just saw the movie yesterday. It seems this problem with the Roman Catholic Church manifested itself yet again in a remote region of Australia. It seems that the RCC is among other things, one of the largest gay pedophile sex clubs in the world. And Hollywood made a movie about this general problem called DOUBT. Big stars. Academy awards. And the priest in it is depicted as someone who might be totally innocent and at worst had some consensual thing with an older gay student. I think DOUBT is what a lot of people want to know about this. ORANGES and SUNSHINE is not. Nice job Hollywood. Keep up the "good" work.

  22. >Please, please, someone let us know WHAT CAN WE DO?
    We are all appalled and angry but without some action attached to our emotions how can we help or stop theses things happening now or in the future? Warmest & best wishes to all

    • You want to know what you can do? Well, here’s something.

      The brutality of what happened at Bindoon is a matter of record. Names have been named, the truth has come out. There are still places where small cliques of powerful people are covering up for the paedophiles and sadists (for there were some who cared nothing for the idea of screwing children, but whose greatest pleasure was to hurt and degrade them).

      One of those places is a small island called Jersey. Find out what happened there – look for reports about Haut de la Garenne. Find out what happened to the head of the Police force, Graham Power, when he tried to investigate. Find out what happened to an honest politician, Stuart Syvret, when he tried to break the story open. Get angry… and then please raise hell with your politicians.

  23. >….homosexual sadists that brutalised young boys…'

    I would perhaps offer that use of the word 'homosexual' in this context is plainly wrong. A peadophile is not homosexual or heterosexual, they are a peadophile. There is nothing illegal about homosexuality. Linking the two in such an emotionally charged way is innaccurate, lets not sideline another minority with misplaced innacurate lanuage, we can do better.

    I ended up on this blog also after watching sunshine and orages. Ken loach did a great job. I must be honest, i have never been emotionally sympathetic with the victims, it never hit home to me. Also i always thought it bizarre that governments always seem to try and avoid dealing with these allegations.
    I understand why now, they're terrified, it really wasn't very long ago. And i can begin to feel for these children, humans are fucked. But then one has to wonder about anyone who believes wholeheartedly that some endlessly edited adultered missmash crusty collection of stories is actually the word of god. Start by goverment sponspired mandatory slaying of all christians, its win win, they get off this filthy, evil, 'just bidding my time until heaven' planet and we don't have to listen to their fantasies anymore. Funnily enough its difficult to get any christians to agree.
    I digress, 130,000 children over forty years given to concentration camps (and thats not figurative use of the word) and it took a lady in the eighties a labour of love on initially her own leave, to expose it.
    People are fucked.
    I want to erect a sign at dinboon, 'dinboon concentration camp', that begins to convey what went on there.
    Oh and make them leave it in place and give tours of where what was done to the children by their 'christian, (meaning 'christ-like') if they want to continue using it. Hopefully a nice class action will shortly bankrupt the brothers and redistribute the assets not rightfully theirs. I know money doesn't fix the lives of the victims but i'd feel a whole lot better if the organisations involved in this 'charity' were deprived of their 'stuff'. Hopefully it would also make some victims feel not all humans are fucked, just sixty percent of us are.
    And if you see a homeless person or someone in need and you feel like giving them something, i would encourage you to do so, but i would discourage you from telling them 'now don't spend this on acohol, buy yourself some food'. By giving them the money you are giving them a brief moment of feeling something we all take for granted, of having choices. It won't in many cases last for but a moment, but so what, if you give, give without caveats, as rightly suggested by another commenter, they may just be a dinboonian who could not assimilate what had been done to them, and thats ok, don't tell them it's not.

    • Gotcha, I am perplexed why nobody, or even the government has not demolished that hell pit. I am only sixty years old and did not live your life. But by jingoes, if I had the money and rescorces I would blow it up for you and many others. What happened to the camps in germany.They were destoyed. So should your terror and the christian brothers

  24. >Please use the correct term – pedophile. Sexual predators of children. Girl child migrants were systematically abused in the same manner as the boys.

  25. >I have retitled this article in view of two things – (1) to make it a little less confrontational
    and make people feel a bit more
    comfortable to start reading it
    and (2) to remove any potential
    generalisation on the issue of
    homosexuality. Even though the
    last two commenters were basic-
    ally correct by stating that
    paedophilia is not normally
    a question of sexuality, my
    terminology of referring to
    the perputrators at Bindoon
    as 'homosexual sadists' was
    obviously misinterpreted to
    a great degree. They were
    sadists, and it is obvious
    that their actions were at
    least partially driven by
    their homosexuality and a
    desire to physically harm
    their victims. That is not
    how paedophiles normally
    think, their minds might
    be twisted and warped but
    any criminologist can tell
    you that paedophiles think
    they are being very kind to
    their victims. The actions
    of the evil abusers at the
    Bindoon Boys Town was any-
    thing but textbook kind
    of paedophile behavior.

    • I have counselled survivors of abuse for many years in the U.K. Their stories are always devastating. What has always concerned me about the Australian Child migrants is that I have never been able to access any documents that cover deaths of children who endured this terror. When I was a young girl I had a friend who was sent to Australia in 1953/4 from a local orphanage. He was here one day then gone. None of the other boys even knew he was leaving, and no one has heard from him since. This has haunted me for years as I believe he was chosen as both his parents as far as we knew were dead. He was lured by unscrupulous individuals with a promise of a new family and living on a farm.He was as far as I know the only one EVER chosen from this orphanage He had had a tough life living in the slums of Glasgow and was transfered to the N.E. England, by comparision to what my research has turned up over the years the worst was waiting for him. I am still looking but I feel I am running out of places to look. I hope every day that the’ Christian Buggers’ the childrens naming, rot in hell.

      • Agree, have you found your friend. I just wish we could go back to being decent people and not kow-tow to silly priests

        • You are quite correct. I feel a day will come, probably not in our lifetime when people will say “Bugger off Clergy” and get on with compasion

  26. >Sent my daughter to this school for 1 year when she was in year 10. They glam it up and make it sound wonderful that boys built the school. Never did I know the truth until I saw Oranges and Sunshine. I feel disgusted and to think I sat in there and prayed for peace at assemblies makes me feel so bad. Terrible Misjustice.

  27. >My grandfather and his brother were sent to Bindoon Boys Town in the mid/late 1940s. My grandfather died a few years ago, and we knew very little about his time at Bindoon other than that he and his brother had helped to build it and above the grapevines nearby where some boys used to do raids. We of course knew about the abuse, but found that out from Margaret. My grandfather and his brother seem to have suffered from a type of post-traumatic stress syndrome which we have called them being ecentric. Watching Oranges and Sunshine has forced me to confront their reality and I can understand more now why they are htey way they are. I would just really like people to understand that this most definitely is not a historic event. It has been a part of my life growing up and trying to understand my grandfather and it is something that I will be passing to my children and grandchildren because I feel that the only way to honour my grandfather and his brother is to never forget.

  28. I am 47. In the last 12 months recieved a shut up payment from the WA Gov.
    I was abused at both Bridgewater, Castledare & by a trused but now deceased mentor at a home called Beach Street.

    “I first want everyone to stop asking me to starting acting like my old
    self again. You must understand that what I have been through has
    changed me forever and nothing you say to me will change that. That I
    did not want or ask for it should be understood. I know that I act tough
    a lot of the time but I am not as in control as I seem. I do need a
    shoulder and help even if I do not ask for it. If I tell you that
    something bothers me and won’t go into details don’t question me on it.
    Understand that I have a lot of trust issues. If I push you away or
    constantly test the waters of our friendship it is for that reason. I
    sometimes can’t accept that you are all truly my friends. Sometimes I
    don’t feel worthy of friendship. It is very hard to talk about so if I
    find a way to bring it up please listen and understand what a big step
    that is. As survivors, we are tough to be friends with. But as hard as we
    are on you, we are harder on ourselves. We wake up in the middle of the
    night with horrid nightmares. We get triggered by things we see and hear
    and smell without warning. We try desperately to get a hold of ourselves
    in public when we have flashbacks and people think we are nuts. But we
    are getting better. And someday soon we will be able to return the
    favour of friendship you gave us. “

  29. I have just stumbled across this movie “Oranges & Sunshine” Firstly I feel the need to point out that I am a former student of the now Agricultural College at Bindoon. My attendance there was through the late nineties a very different place to what it was during the times of the Child migrant Scheme. Whilst I knew of the very dark history & personal stories of the place during my years there through movies such as The Leaving of Liverpool & from personal stories (my neighbor was a child migrant at Bindoon). This movie is the first time that as an adult I have actually had time to consider the horrific abuses that happened to these children & young men at the hands of the Christian Brothers. I cannot begin to understand the pain & suffering so many of you went through & wish that I could even begin to find the words to express how truly sorry I am for what you have endured.

    Anonymous on March 13, 2012 at 6:22 am said:
    >Sent my daughter to this school for 1 year when she was in year 10. They glam it up and make it sound wonderful that boys built the school. Never did I know the truth until I saw Oranges and Sunshine.

    I agree with this Lady that the Staff & Brothers of the school need to acknowledge the terrible atrocities that where committed at the school because only then can the past even begin to be reconciled.

    charr on July 17, 2011 at 4:53 pm said:
    >AND THE WORST….Bindoon the actual building is now a agricultural school! should it not be a historical site? a place of memorial not a EEFIN SCHOOL! how sick do these christian mofos wana get!!??

    The buildings at Bindoon are Historically listed. I know this may seems trivial but for those that have never witnessed the sheer size & Grandeur of these buildings can not understand. Buildings that go unused deteriorate rapidly for this to happen would be a shame. The way I see it these buildings do not stand as a testament to Keaney’s legacy but to the boys that built them. A testament to their courage, their survival, their endurance and their refusal to be victims. It is their Legacy.

    I do not wish in anyway to condone what happened at Bindoon, like I said earlier it is a very different place now. My years there will always hold a special place in my heart especially the friendships that I made many of which are still very strong after nearly 15 years.

    What I will take from this great movie is that one person really can make a difference and the courage & strength that it must have taken to tell your stories. I pray that if you haven’t already that you find your families & that it can help in some way to ease your pain. What was taken from you can never be returned but know that we hear your stories & they will not be forgotten. May you find the peace that you all deserve.

  30. No offense, but what good will praying do? God didn’t help all those innocent kids when they really needed it. Can’t see what good praying is going to do now.

    Constructive help would be meaningful, anyone want to tell me what I can do?

  31. I am manually entering this comment on behalf of JAMES MAC, trust me, WordPress is not totally fool proof – comments that are listed as being published in my edit program are increasingly going missing and all kinds of strange stuff. Please email me directly at timbadrick1974@hotmail.com any comment you wish to make at present, just in case it goes walkabout.

    Tim Badrick.

    Comment made 27/9/2012.

    You want to know what you can do? Well here’s something.

    The brutality of what happened at Bindoon is a matter of record. Names have been named, the truth has come out. There are still places where small cliches of powerful people are covering up for the paedophiles and sadists, for there were some who cared nothing for the idea of screwing children, but whose greatest pleasure was to hurt and degrade them.

    One of those places is a small island called JERSEY. Find out what happened there – look for reports about HAUT DE LA GARENNE. Find out what happened to the head of the police force, GRAHAM POWER, when he tried to investigate. Find out what happened to an honest politician, STUART SYVRET, when he tried to break the story open. Get angry, and then raise hell with your politicians.

  32. I too, saw the movie and I see everyone is in agreement as to the character of these amoral, hedonistic, sadistic, psychopaths. That’s exactly what these men and woman of the Catholic Church are. Do these atrocity’s bear amy likeness to Hitler’s, “Mein Kampf?” You bet. These children were placed in a concentration camp admosphere with no escape and tortured. The cruelty was perpetrated by people who were, for all respects, “enlightened” and doing God’s work. To some extent, we are all aware as to how deeply and pervasive the issue of pedophilism extends in the network of the Catholic Church. The scope of the deprarvity inflicted on all these victims is unspeakable. These people were entrusted with the lives and spirits of vulnerable children, many of whom will be forever traumatized with irreversible and severe psychological/emotional trauma. Now, after so many years, thanks to Margaret Humphries, another incredulous story has surfaced. For all these years, the British government, as well as, other organizations, kept this a dirty little secret. As with all pedophiles and predators, they should be held accountable and prosecuted to the full extent of the law no matter how extensive the involvement. What ever it takes! To all of you who have taken the time to write your thoughts, BRAVO!! I am in the US of A. Don’t exactly know what I can do but I am willing to try.

    • I agree. The thought of men and women being forced into these situations is impossible. The thing that gets me is that they become sadistic. Does that make up for for their lost indentities. I mean for goodness sakes, How can one not cuddle and console a distraught child. I HATE missionaries and do gooders

  33. Well it is clearly against the law to rape, physically abuse and enslave children. How many of the Catholic Bindoon Brothers have been arrested and brought to justice for their crimes? Name just one. Where are the Police?
    Long live the Catholic Church…..not !!!!!!!!

    • Greg, has it ever happened. I would be most interested to find out. Or have they protected these ARSEHOLES. Can anyone imagine. You are raped by your keeper, and can tell nobody

  34. I very recently came across Oranges and Sunshine and have been reading Margaret Humphries’ book. I salute her and her husband and family .

    The most upsetting thing for me is how much of this abuse is identical to that outlined in the Ryan Report http://www.childabusecommission.com/rpt/index.php, often by institutions connected with those that operated sadistic regimes in Irish industrial schools or the Magdalene laundries. It seems as though groups like the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Mercy spread a sort of poison throughout the English-speaking world.

    Should vulnerable children in residential care ever again be under the control of organisations that promote a regime of ascetic celibacy on their own members?

  35. Hi Just sitting here with my wonderful grandfather William Griggs who was in Clontaf, tardun & castledare from 1941 to 1946.
    I’ve grown up knowing about the terrible things that happened in those places but today heard more and feel so angry that my dear Grandfather had to go through that as a child. I feel like more needs to be done. How can they still be operating these places as schools? These places need to be shut down and bulldozed out of repect for those who’s whole lives were shaped by the terrible years they spent there.

  36. I am married to one of the boys who went to Bindoon, he is a wonderful Husband,Father And Grandfather, we have been together 50 years next year. No amount of money or apologies can undo what happened to him and the other poor children. But surely something can be done so it does not happen to any more innocent children. It worries me because the sort of people who abused my Husband and others still exist and manage to work and be around Children. It is up to too all caring adults to protect all Children. Ann

  37. I live near a child home called neerkol ,i have herd nothin nice of this place were children were raped beatin by the sisters of mercey ,iam tryin to find a book called ” neerkol the gates of hell ” our local libary has locked the only copy away because of the shocking things that happened out there ,watched oreanges an sunshine an cryed every second :(.

  38. After seeing many films based on the abuse of innocent children given to the so called care of religious institutions and hearing of the abuse these children had to endure day after day I have totally lost my faith in the church and man kind. What have we come to when a defenceless child is treated in such a disgusting way. Animals are treated better by humans. As far as I’m concerned any one who abuses children mentally or physically should be punished by the law and I think the churches who cover up this abuse should have to be held accountable for ruining peoples lives because that’s what they have done. I hope things will change and the church and any institution associated with children are put under strict guidelines and supervision but we know that will never happen. It seems that the church is a law on to itself and can transfer priests and cover up their crimes and the law is never involved. I hope there is a hell so all of these hypocrites burn and justice is served. That unfortunately is of no comfort to the victims. My heart goes out to any one who has suffered in this way. May you one day feel safe.

  39. I have just watched sunshine and oranges after reading the book this is not the first I’ve read about this subject I’ve also seen the film the leaving of Liverpool as well a book I read some years ago. about an Australian boy who was abandoned by his family and was sent to Bindoon or tadrdun . I’ve also seen a program called the magdalin sisters which is similar subject the catholic church has a lot to answer for as well as other institutions who were in charge of children. also the British and Australian governments should be ashamed to allow this to happen to innocent children in the child migrant scheme

  40. Does anyone know if Francis Keaney still holds the MBE and ISO? There are other monuments in his name. Appalling. What has the Catholic Church done to rescind these ‘honourable’ memories.

    • my dad went to bindoon and I myself have seen where these boys grew up and because of my dad’s detailed memory of events such as the 2 boys that died while he was there is why he is involved among other men to give evidence of the events he witnessed and sadly was involved in since he arrived there in the 1950’s

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