How many more chances will Tony Abbott & Papua New Guinea prime minister Peter O’Neill give Indonesian president SUSILO BAMBANG YUDHOYONO to get his fascist police out of disputed West Papua in his last days of power? To stop them from killing any more innocent West Papuans whose only sin was staging a verbal demonstration against having these brutal thugs occupying their nation? Both are known to be able to influence Yudhoyono (somewhat).

What Yudhoyono is allowing in West Papua is no different whatsoever to what China’s XI JINPING is allowing to happen in Tibet or what BENJAMIN NETANYAHU is allowing to happen in Palestine, like jailing and torturing kids, and it’s completely an acceptable breach of human rights.

Four more West Papuans were senselessly murdered just the other day by Indonesian police while at the markets, don’t think they were out to pick a fight, but they wound up dead. Admittingly world media companies like BBC World and Reuters couldn’t have reported from West Papua because foreign journos are banned from being there.

But why isn’t the world media grilling Yudhoyono over this incident & countless other ones, from outside West Papua, on the basis of graphic visual footage which various activists groups in West Papua always manage to broadcast over the internet under Yudhoyono’s radar? You tell me, the world media sleeps while human rights abuses continue in West Papua.


This report about the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka and their mass quest to escape the island nation hails from 2012, when the Julia Gillard government was still in power and just after Gillard done the unthinkable as far as the Greens and human rights activists were concerned and enacted the doomed MALAYSIA SOLUTION.

Nothing’s changed and everything has only got worse for the Tamils, those who were intercepted mid-sea by the australian or Sri Lankan Navy under Gillard’s regime were denied temporary refugee status at the very least on-shore in Australia, despite much corroborated evidence of them being persecuted & on occasions killed by their ethnic foes in Sri Lanka. That constituted a conflict zone in 2012 and it still does in 2014.

Scott Morrison was employed by Tony Abbott to be the equalizer and ruthless in his approach to border control, whereas the Gillard government shaved the edges of the Geneva Convention in regards to a borderline breach of human rights obligations with the treatment of Tamils it’s become clearer by the day that the Abbott government and particularly Morrison isn’t shaving the GC, it is totally smashing it into little pieces.

Most Tamils do qualify as war refugees and if Morrison doesn’t stop the Tamils being forced back to Sri Lanka he should be summonsed before the United Nations Human Rights Commission and forced by stealth to comply with the Geneva Convention.


Saddam Hussein was a complete evil prick, lets not forget all the mass executions of his opponents, which so often resulted in a whole extended family being killed, or the gassings of the Kurdish minority in Iraq’s north, that is estimated to have resulted in 40000 to 50000 deaths during his megalomaniac rule of insanity and delusion.

But when you consider what an even bigger mess Iraq has become ever since Saddam was rounded up by US marines from within his hideaway in his home town of Tikrit and was subsequently executed by hanging, and his brutally despotic regime crumbled in the wake of the imported quasi democracy courtesy of America, you begin to realize that in terms of extremism even Saddam was mild compared to the sheer fanatical ideology descending upon Iraq at the moment in the form of ISIS – Islamic State in Syria, or now often termed ISII for Islamic State in Iraq.

ISIS and ISII are made of of rogue opposition fighters from Syria, some of which almost definitely come from deep within the Free Syria Army ranks, the Islamic militia which the US is arming to fight the forces of Syria’s Baath Party dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Like Saddam, al-Assad is a murderous thug who is guilty of mass human rights abuses and genocide against his own people, but what ISIS/ISII highlights is that it pays to keep an open mind with regards to which side is really worse than the other.

The question which springs to my mind is would Syria really be better off if the Free Syria Army eventually conquers al-Assad when it certainly harbours so much of the fanatical ideology of ISIS/ISII?

Another one is why is Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry continuing to feed the FSA arms when all the evidence now points to weapons being syphoned off by FSA rogues for ISIS’s current rampage through the whole north of Iraq?

Whatever the answer is to that, all I know is that even if Russia’s Vladimir Putin of all people and his re-commissioned fighter jets is the saviour then Iraq needs a saviour to extinguish ISIS/ISII before its allowed to have Baghdad in its sights. The Shite majority in Iraq might be full on but ISIS/ISII are nuts and evoke evil Islam.


Despite much opposition from environmental activists and reportedly in total defiance of expert advice from people who should know better – they being marine biology experts, Spain’s supreme court has decided to throw caution and warnings to the wind and has given the green light to oil exploration off the coast of the Canary Islands.

One may well imagine that the Mariano Rajoy government would want anything but oil drilling to be anywhere within half a world of this iconic tourist utopia, a place where for decades celebrities and the rich and famous have come to for a holiday, it’s certainly a major contributor to the spanish economy.

Given Rajoy’s more left wing bent, you would think he would be more against it than for it, maybe his hands are legally or constitutionally tied and he cant step in to overturn the court’s decision, but if he can do something, this is certainly one instance where political interference in the legal system is warranted. For heaven’s sake, big oil should stay the hell away from the Canary Islands, think of what occurred in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.


The relatively new premier of Tasmania, the Liberal’s WILL HODGMAN, reportedly has legislation drafted to impose mandatory jail terms for PROTESTERS, yes not sure if I’m going mad but assuming I’m not that’s exactly what I read some hours ago on a news link on someone’s Twitter page.

There was a sarcastic remark posted with the link as much as to say you can murder someone in Tasmania, you can rape someone in Tasmania or you can even fleece a Tasmanian for their life savings or rob a servo, Hodgman at this stage has no plans to make you serve a mandatory jail term with no chance of early parole.

But if you were to take public protest to the limit and cause one hell of a stink by doing something like tying yourself to a 700 year old tree to save it from being bulldozed then you may well be the target of this mooted legislation.

Heavens to Betsy if it’s true, Hodgman must acknowledge his brainsnap and can this fascist rot and put it through the paper shredder before he gains a reputation like his increasingly megalomaniac federal counterparts.