Right now my back is feeling a bit out, like I have twisted a muscle or something, but I am not feeling too sorry for myself here, because thoughts of what Newcastle Knights forward ALEX MCKINNON is going through at present & what he faces for the rest of his life makes my minor ailment seem as bad as being bitten by a mosquitoe.

All because of one tackle gone horribly wrong in the Knights versus Melbourne Storm game which he tragically played in and what has changed his life forever, McKinnon is paralysed from the shoulders down, he is a quadriplegic after breaking two vertebrae, and barring a medical miracle he will be spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

In a split second, three Melbourne Storm players brought down this big strapping rugby league forward and by pure back luck for the most part, McKinnon’s head took the full brunt of all the three players after he was tackled by one of them in the over horizontal position, meaning McKinnon’s legs were upended above the level of his torso as he was in mid air.

Of course thousands of the same sort of tackles had been going on week in and week out across Australia in not just the NRL but in every rugby league competition, all the way down to school boy comps. There is such a thing as bad luck and sadly for Alex McKinnon everything that could go wrong with a tackle did, but for my mind not only should over hozizontal tackles be banned, as the NRL has now done, but all tackles involving three or more players should be outlawed from the game as well.


More people than not living on the east coast of Australia are probably more inclined to believe that most cattle and sheep being shipped offshore alive as part of the very hotly disputed live export trade are leaving from the northern part of Australia, out of the vast arid interior where a convoy of livestock laden trucks might be lucky to see ten vehicles between Tennant Creek and Darwin, certainly not from one of Australia’s most famous docks – PORT ADELAIDE.

For a city renowned for harbouring a lot of quasi-communist culture and tradition, live export ships docking at Port Adelaide to a majority of Adelaideans would surely seem as out of place as having an Iranian warship sailing into Havana Harbor,certainly it’s a divisive matter which as far back as 2012 has always earned itself an uncompromising opposing stance from the local ENFIELD COUNCIL, and mayor GARY JOHANSON.

Opinion amongst the residents living within Enfield Council area is a mirror reflection of Mayor Johanson’s quite outspoken live export condemnation, as well various radio and newspaper opinion polls across all of Adelaide over the past two years clearly proves a greater majority of Adelaideans, although not as unequivocal as in Enfield itself, do not approve of live export and certainly don’t want the city’s port facilitating the industry.


A recent story on Australia’s 60MINUTES TV program exposed the rapidly increasing payload of cocaine direct from central and south America that’s eluding an either non-existant or incompetent border control around the Australian coastline and is sneaking its way into the country literally by the container full, especially via Sydney Harbour.

Cocaine it seems is the comeback narcotic, less hazardous than the more extreme amphetamine narcotics like Ice and the very unpredictable Ecstacy, which now and then can have an imagery of potentially life threatening ingredients despite its party drug image, this relatively ancient narcotic is set to become in vogue again, probably more so amongst druggies who have cheated death and mortal decay taking harder drugs but who don’t want to tempt fate too much.

Even if it is not as deadly as heroin and amphetamines in the crystal meth and Ice family, snorting or shooting up cocaine is still a very dangerous pastime, and in old times was one of the biggest causes of drug overdose fatalities in the world. It’s only because of the greater emergence of heroin and amphetamines as well as a growing social and legal accepatance of cannabis over the past generation that cocaine has tended to be seen as ‘yesterday’s high’ amongst drug users.

According to the 60 Minutes report, it seems that some well organized and entrenched drug cartels with networks stretching between Mexico and Colombia are directing a lot of boats in the direction of Australia loaded with a heap of cocaine, and the official line from Australian federal police and customs is that their hands are pretty well tied to put a stop to this invasion.

Truth is, I didn’t see the 60 Minutes story on this issue, I only saw the shorts about it on TV, so this in a way is me endulging in some ghost writing, meaning I am taking a stab in the dark here about what I think the story would have uncovered and hoping one or more of my readers fill in some blanks for me if they happened to see it on TV. Truth is as well that it’s nonsense that police and customs cant stop cocaine laiden boats from the america’s arriving in Australia if they are doing their job properly.


Noah Movie by teasertrailer

The new RUSSELL CROWE film, the biblical epic NOAH, check out the movie trailer above, has reportedly been banned from being screened in Malaysia because it’s too UNISLAMIC. I hope Crowe makes a movie now about nuking THE TALIBAN.

Pardon me, but might we ask why the Sharia Law indoctrinated censors in Malaysia believe it’s okay to be so UNCHRISTIAN and be so bigoted and contemptuous of a biblical prophet like Noah to go out on this tangent?

Malaysia president NAJIB RAZAK is an Islamic cleric himself and that’s why he has allowed Malaysia to be virtually annexed by Sharia Law or Sharia like law across the board. It may only be a movie but what the banning of NOAH in Malaysia eludes to is disturbingly growing intolerance of anything there resembling christian goodwill.


After spending millions of dollars on upgrades to infrastructure and other refurbishments just in the past couple of years it is no wonder that BRITISH PETROLEUM has shocked lots and lots of people, not least of which being the 350 or so workers at the company’s Brisbane refinery, by announcing out of the blue that it’s closing it down in mid 2015.

In view of other impending fuel refinery closures across Australia over the coming years, potentially by decade’s end there might only be a few left, with BP and rival CALTEX appearing to be in some sort of collusion to share the dwindling spoils of whatever refinery infrastructure remains after the shutdowns.

Of the greatest concern to Australia, besides the massive amount of unemployment BP Brisbane’s closure and other refinery closures will or have already created, is the issue of sustainable fuel supply in storage. Supposedly, of all the fuel (including diesel) that BP, CALTEX and SHELL can store in Australia it nominally equates to 60 % of overall demand, meaning when not a drop of fuel is being produced. Question is what is 60% of what – 60% demand for a day, a week, a month or some other timeframe.

As with other refinery closures in Australia past or future tense, BP Brisbane’s one is typical hairbrained, slasher stockmarket driven capitalist greed, fact is BP’s Brisbane refinery remains reasonably profitable and given the recent upgrades to the plant it would appear obvious that BP’s decision was made on the hop and with little or no consultation with the company’s australian operations before the announcement.

Guarenteed there is going to be a lot of fuel shortages in Queensland as from mid 2015 onwards, if war breaks out in Asia where a lot more of our fuel will be coming from after BP Brisbane closes then you may as well get use to carrying jerry cans like Mad Max.


The almost comical crackdown on outlandish laughter imposed upon the opposition members in federal parliament this week by Australia’s Maggie Thatcher BRONWYN BISHOP, and all the bickering, sniggering and childish goings on which both LNP and ALP members were guilty of in the aftermath of this idiocity, convinced me more than ever before that the sort of folk I want to represent Australia are not to be seen in the lower house, with only a few exceptions from within the senate ranks, and they’re not PUP-pies either. Just two old fashioned catholic boys without the LNP Jesuitary.

South Australia independent senator NICK XENOPHON and Democratic Labour Party miracle senator, JOHN MADIGAN, who was lucky to survive the 2013 election to keep the DLP with an active member of parliament intact, are proving themselves to be the last of the statesmen in australian politics, two politicians with some moral fibre, some well placed and genuine patriotism, a balanced but not excessive sense of nationalist pride, and an attitude minus the Liberal born to rule mindset that they were elected to represent the people, not themselves or something they own shares in. Let’s bottle it!



THE NSW Government is putting a freeze on all new CSG exploration licenses, as well as conducting an audit of all the existing ones. Resources and Energy Minister Anthony Roberts told” speculators or cowboys” they need not apply.

The announcement comes after the government rejected five PELAs (Petroleum Exploration Licence Applications) from Grainger Energy, covering 43,100 square kilometres in the Riverina region.

“Grainger Energy has one owner/director, was formed just six days prior to lodging its application, has no prior history of conducting petroleum exploration activities and has submitted a manifestly deficient application,” Mr Roberts said.

They have also issued a ‘Show Cause’ notice to Leichhardt Resources and questioning why there three PELs should not be cancelled in the Moree. Mr Roberts said they have not ruled out cancelling other PELs.

Mr. Roberts said a petroleum title may be cancelled on a number of grounds, including contravention of conditions, failure to use the title area in good faith for the purpose for which the title was granted, and for contraventions of the Act.

“It is clear that the PEL application process under the former Labor Government was not up to scratch. In 2002 NSW Labor introduced a PEL application fee of just $1,000. The proponent could then hold a PEL across a large area of land, which in turn placed unnecessary and understandable stress across communities,” he said.

Mr Roberts announced fees will now rise to $50,000 and said his government has put in place the most comprehensive regulations for the CSG industry in the country.


Thank goodness Barry O’Farrell, in view of the Pilliga Forest radioactive contamination scandal as well as many other CSG ‘accidents’ which the media isn’t even reporting on this decision is the only responsible one you and your government could make.

This also puts the heat fair and square back on the newly elected SA ALP premier Jay Weatherill to take immediate legislative action to ban CSG in the iconic Barossa Valley, home to some of the most prestigious wineries in Australia.

If Weatherill doesn’t he’s a complete idiot – simple as that, just like every other LNP and ALP politician who have any agendas to push CSG regardless of all the environmental consequences, not forgetting the growing evidence of the health hazards involved with CSG, which includes radionuclides. Do you copy all this Campbell Newman ?


The bogus charges which Australian freelance field journalist PETER GRESTE has been stitched up on in Egypt along with two AL JAZEERA ENGLISH journos named BAHER MOHAMED and MOHAMED FAHMY, is such fabricated nonsense that not even the so called police witnesses, AKA ‘rent-a-witnesses’, who were brought in to testify against them at the third hearing thus far was prepared to elaborate on their already baseless and most probably fictitious ‘original statements’.

All three stand accused of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood,< capitals denoting that it’s actually officially recognized, of the disposed dictator MOHAMED MORSI. He was ousted in mid 2013, and since then, things have gone from bad to worse right across Egypt, and it’s the court system and not interim president ADLY MANSOUR which is fast sending the country down a pathway to hyper-extremism and Sharia Law stoked manic intolerance.

Remembering that on the same day Greste was denied bail at this same court hearing another Egyptian court ruthlessly dished out the death sentence to 529 who reportedly belong to the Muslim Brotherhood for a host of concocted and imaginary crimes, the only one that’s actually spelt out in plain English being murder.

Knowing what nutcases are now in control of the Eqyptian courts most of these 529 facing execution probably done nothing wrong other than practice a more moderate variation of Islam or protest in public against the extremist islam strangling Egypt.

Greste is in one hell of a dire predicament, if this is anything to go by he faces being left to rot in a Cairo jail until he’s an old man or dead unless ADLY MANSOUR comes good on his commitment to Australian consular officials to overrule the courts if need be and have Greste and his companions released.

Mansour will probably have a Fatwa slapped on him for doing such a statesmanlike deed but australian foreign minister Julie Bishop must make it very clear to Mansour that any further imprisonment of Greste wont be tolerated by the Abbott government.


For somebody like me who was brought up on the conservative side of the fence it has taken a lot of openmindedness for me to look outside the square on the issue of hemp, but the more that I have delved into the economic potential of this industrialist form of cannabis sativa the more convinced I am that all the politicians and lawmakers who snub it because of the ‘dope’ factor are really the biggest dopes going.

Across Queensland over the years and quite recently to my knowledge there’s been at least preliminary feasibility studies undertaken to determine if industrial hemp could be grown in a number of coastal areas where traditionally sugar cane has been cultivated, which includes around Mackay and in the Jacobs Well area to the east of Beenleigh.

I have to say, it seems a bit too far inland, but the Brisbane Valley isn’t exactly out the back of Julia Creek, and depending on the climate and soil, the potential is there for industrial hemp to be grown in the area, that’s what a few rumours that are circling around are indicating.

The big question is will the Queensland government take this marginally left of centre proposal seriously and immediately have a feasibility study enacted and undertaken. I see hemp as the means for the Brisbane Valley to be spared from coal mines, like just up the road from the Somerset Dam. I certainly know what the ‘dopier’ option is.


As I did say going back two blogs ago the ‘showdown’ between Russia and Ukraine is centred around the Kremlin power grab for control of frack gas, or more specifically, an attempt to gain a monopoly over access points to a pipeline carrying it through Crimea, so it’s not rocket science to work out why Vladimir Putin was so desperate to stack the referendum vote in Crimea to have the autonomous Ukrainian region return to the fold of the Bolshevik Reds, even if that meant his army marched into Crimea and killed his opponents to seal the deal for Russia.

However, the same power crazed analogy does not apply to how Putin is eyeing off the Baltic states – which are Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus. Unlike Crimea, with the frack gas pipeline at stake, and Ukraine itself, that so happens to be one of the world’s biggest exporters of military hardware, just the sort of manufacturing infrastructure any warmongering Bolshevik commo like Putin would of course love to gain control of.

The Baltic states to Putin and his russian army are just nothing more than ideological trophy pieces, four ex-Soviet republics which offer the Kremlin very little other than an excuse for the imperialist Putin to take Russia down the path of Hitler’s Germany. You got Crimea Putin, now get lost. He must be stopped before he takes us back to 1939.